Premier Group testimonial picture of David Goggin

“The Premier Group has been nothing but a positive experience for Waitz Corporation. There are many positive aspects to note including the pricing and rebate structure, but even more important have been the relationships that have been built and are building between us, other distributors and the member suppliers. The annual meeting was a fantastic combination of information networking and fun."

Glenn Wampole, Principal

 Premier Group testimonial picture of David Goggin

“Premier Group membership has been a big plus for Bacon & Co. We have improved our business through the networking and sharing with other distributors in the group. We have improved our relationships with key industry suppliers and key leaders in the industry. The value and benefits we receive from our membership are outstanding. The friendships and best practices we have developed as members of Premier Group will help us as long as we operate Bacon & Co."

Jed Dance, Principal

 Premier Group testimonial picture of David Goggin

“The Premier Group has it all. One on one meetings to grow our sales, networking, and an e-commerce platform that has all of our awards ready to sell for our distributor partners and their clients. The Premier Group is not just a group, but a culture where business happens."

Les Dorfman, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, High Caliber Line

 Premier Group testimonial picture of Ken Rush

“This group gives distributors the opportunity to talk about different ways each distributor works and about suggestions for improvement. Being in a select group, it gives us the opportunity to take and discuss without the issue of being competitors.”

Ken Rush, Principal, Rush Advertising Specialties

 Premier Group testimonial picture of Shawn Kanak

“After being in the industry for many years, I can say that Premier Group is by far the most unique and first class organization we’ve partnered with. The networking opportunities, the educational training university, unmatched sales support, information sharing, and the exclusive partnerships all converge to create a truly, one-of-a-kind family that continues to gain momentum, no matter what the economic climate presents.”

Shawn Kanak, CAS, VP of Sales, Towel Specialties

 Premier Group testimonial picture of Joann Easley

“Being a member of the Premier Group not only helps us to create strong alliances with our key suppliers, but it also helps us to create invaluable working alliances with distributors across the nation.”

Joann Goodloe, Barker Specialty Company

 Premier Group testimonial picture of Jonathan Isaacson

“The Premier Group partnership offers a unique and powerful differentiation to its members. It allows for idea sharing and personal growth within the model of individually owned companies. Each member gets the benefit of all of the years of experience and wisdom of everybody else in the group. It’s an incredibly powerful and effective tool.”

Jonathan Isaacson, President, Gemline

 Premier Group testimonial picture of Kent Perrin

“PG fosters owners and top management interaction – people who operate on the same level that I do each day. PG provides an open and honest forum for distributors and suppliers to discuss issues face-to-face, to share real-life, real-time valuable information in a non-threatening and non-competing atmosphere.”

Kent Perrin, Principal, T & P Incentives, Inc.

 Premier Group testimonial picture of Ira Neaman

“It’s the knowledge share that furthers the group and helps members to grow their business.”

Ira Neaman, President, Vantage Apparel

 Premier Group testimonial picture of Bev Middaugh

“Premier Group distributors and suppliers are my ‘board of directors,’ offering guidance and advice that are not only expert, but specific to my business. Membership has not only improved our business and profitability, but it’s also given me a great group of friends and professional associates!”

Bev Middaugh, Principal, Bright Ideas in Broad Ripple

 Premier Group testimonial picture of Michelle Guetle, The Callard Company

“The Premier Group has been an amazing resource for me in sharing the best business practices with other distributor owners. It has also provided Callard Company with special supplier services that have made a huge impact on my business. I only wish I had joined sooner!”

Michelle Guetle, The Callard Company