Once a year, Premier Group principals and top management gather in one location for several days of meaningful interface to help shape the future direction of the organization. This dynamic program features relevant panel discussions on current issues and hot topics, a variety of networking opportunities, and other business-building activities.

Golf and other recreational activities before and after the business program provide ample opportunities for informal business exchange. Members leave this event with creative ideas to apply to their businesses as well as new and strengthened business relationships.


The Premier Group’s Annual Meeting also features various formats to insure members can spend time on key business issues between member companies. The group uses both Eye to Eye and One to One meeting formats. These formats give Premier Group Suppliers and Distributor principals the change to meet face-to-face during the meetings to discuss issues, plan for opportunities and agree on a course of action to improve the business relationship. These meetings are conducted in an environment conducive to sharing, learning and growing in an effective way for all parties.


The Premier catalog features nearly 160 pages of supplier products, case histories and market applications that cover a wide range of categories. It is a tremendous tool for Distributor members to present to end-users whether they are prospective or current clients.

PG Distributors also may create their own four-page, four-color custom covers or make use of a standard template cover. For impromptu meetings with clients, a flip catalog is available online and also can be accessed from smartphones and computer tablets.

Premier Promotional Group Branded Solutions

Custom covers, full color spreads and online access is available to all PG members.

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INSIDE-OUT NETWORKING – The Inside Track to Better Business

Premier Group programs such as Mastermind and Exchange are designed to help grow your business through the sharing of information and practical experiences.

  • The purpose of the Mastermind program is to foster a culture of open communication by discussing relevant business and industry issues and sharing information that could impact their business. Groups of PG principals and top management staff have monthly conference call meetings focusing on a specifically chosen topic. Topic suggestions and open participation are strongly encouraged.
  • Members use the Exchange Program to visit other members and to share practices and experiences that help each other improve the structure and performance of their respective companies. These visits can lead to improved relationships and business.
  • The overriding goal of the Premier Promotional Group is to use networking and knowledge sharing to improve aspects of the members’ business. The Group continually works to make these events better and more productive.



Calling ALL Distributor sales reps! Premier Group University (PGU) is a great educational opportunity that is held on an on-demand basis in conjunction with industry trade shows. For Distributors, the FREE, half-day program is designed for sales representatives who get one-on-one sales motivation, creativity and education from a fantastic line-up of Supplier presenters.

For Suppliers, the event is a great opportunity to reach many PG Distributor sales personnel from various companies and present creative selling ideas and education.

Distributor sales reps leave PGU energized with fresh selling ideas, while Suppliers have further cemented their relationship with PG Distributor partners.


FREQUENT BUYER PROGRAM – Do More Business With PG Partners

The primary goal of the Frequent Buyer Program (FBP) is to encourage members to do more business together so both Supplier and Distributor members benefit. By providing qualifying Distributor members with a financial reward for increasing their purchases, Suppliers have an excellent opportunity to increase sales. Clearly outlined and simple to administer, the program sets compliance levels that encourage Supplier and Distributor member support, and is beneficial to all parties.


  • During the PPAI Expo in Las Vegas each year, Premier Group hosts special events for all members. One is an evening reception where members can get together in a casual setting and network. The morning breakfast meeting keynote address highlights the achievements of the previous year as well as upcoming events and programs and features guest speakers from our Member companies.
  • The Premier Group website is a one-stop resource to keep PG members current on all group activities and programs. It features Group news articles, announcements, multiple information downloads including Group contact lists and programs, Supplier Specials, easy access to each PG Supplier website and group emailing capability.

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